Technology, digital tools and manuscript heritage: opportunities, issues, questions, BUB 16-17 october 2018

Technology, digital tools and manuscript heritage:

opportunities, issues, questions

University of Bologna

BUB 16-17 october 2018

Modern technology has become pivotal in all aspects of our lives, even
ancient fields of study in the humanities, offering updates solutions in terms
of digitized transformations of traditional documents, processing and
networking of data in the websites.
This International workshop aims at exploring how technology has changed
perspectives of study and research methodologies in the specific field of the handwritten books and documents

Organising commettee:
Paola Degni (Bologna University)
Manuel Salamanca López (Complutense University, Madrid)

16 october

Welcome addresses
Mirko Degli Esposti (University Library Director)
Giacomo Nerozzi (University Library Coordinator)
Luigi Canetti (Head of the Department of Cultural Heritage, Bologna

15.15 -15.35
Carmen Hidalgo Brinquis (Instituto del Patrimonio Cultura de
España, IPCE)
Corpus de filigranas hispánicas del Instituto del Patrimonio Cultural
de España

Néstor F. Marqués (Patrimonio Virtual y Divulgación Cultural)
Tecnología aplicada a la documentación, el estudio y la difusión del
patrimonio: de la fotogrametría a la impresión 3D

Alfonso Sánchez Mairena (Portal de Archivos Españoles-PARES)
El Portal de Archivos Españoles PARES 2.0: innovación y estrategia

16.50 – 17.10
Paola Degni (Bologna University)
Manuscripts on the web: stars, galaxies, black holes

Paola Maria Carmela Italia (Bologna University)
True and false modern manuscripts. Case studies from Italian Literature

Fauzia Albertin (Bologna University)
Virtual X-ray reading of fragile ancient manuscripts: from closed
testaments to books

17 october

Francesca Tomasi (Bologna University)
Semantic technologies and manuscripts. From markup to Linked Data


Paolo Merialdo (Roma Tre University)
In Codice Ratio: towards Knowledge Discovery from the Vatican Secret

Stefano Allegrezza (Bologna University)
Lost in translation: the transmission of documents in the digital age

Nicola Barbuti (Bari University)
Un innovativo sistema digitale per il riconoscimento automatico di testi
manoscritti e a stampa antichi

António Cardoso (Xpectraltek, Portugal)
Spectral Imaging solutions applied to Graphic Document study and

Manuel Salamanca Lopez (Complutense Univesity, Madrid)
Las nuevas tecnologías y el patrimonio histórico documental: Retos y


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